Monday, November 28, 2016

Misery Loves Company

I am so sick and tired of the bashing. So here goes a tell all post since we can't seem to do more than post lies and bullshit. A grown adult can't seem to act like it and has to resort to acting like a child. This same adult is allowed to bash me but if I were to sink to her level, all hell would break loose. Mind you I haven't bothered this woman in ages. I have let her lead her own pathetic life believing whatever lie of the day is told. I have been focusing on myself, Ally, and the future we're building with R. It has been stressful enough with R's job, my job, Ally's school, and all of the little things in between to even worry about what she's up to. The moment ties were severed, I left them as just. I decided it wasn't worth me sacrificing my own happiness by feeding into their bullshit any longer. You put yourself in those circumstances therefore you deal with the consequences. It's a harsh reality but the truth nonetheless. You want him and unfortunately being with involves having to deal with him having contact with the mother's of his children. Where he takes that relationship is his own business.

Kris cut off contact me with because I was taking away her security blanket. She was seeing the truth and would rather play a blind eye because being with the man of her dreams is worth more than being there for her children. Clearly in FIVE years he hasn't changed but sweetheart keep funneling money and believing each and every single lie because it will always be for his own gain.

Then there's Brit. Where do we even start on that one? I am sick and tired of this woman thinking my relationship with R is any of her damn business when it isn't. The time and effort she puts in sticking her nose where it doesn't belong would be better spent taking care of her child and giving him a life worth more than constantly being put to bed. Not to mention being okay with bouncing from home to home like a vagrant, shouldn't you as a parent want stability for your children?

I have enough on my plate without having to deal with the drama from these two. Ties were cut. Therefore my daughter doesn't need to know your children. If it hadn't been for Joey adding Kris into the Skype call without my permission Ally still wouldn't know she has a sister. I purposely kept this from her because it was just more reason for her to be hurt.

Face the facts you guys. Ally will not ever have a relationship with Damian, Charlie, or Izzy simply because you can't put aside differences for the children. I am done with having to be the bigger person only to have you sever that the moment I am not kissing your ass.

Leave my name and my business out of your mouth. I have found happiness. I am not perfect by any means but I have worked to turn my life around. I am taking care of my daughter and I am definitely working harder than both of you combined. When you put 50 hours minimum each week, maintain your home, spend time with your child(ren), and keep your shit in check then please bitch about how miserable your life is. Both of you are getting to depend on others for support for your children. One of you is still medically unable to work which is understandable, the other is just praying her precious Daddy gets his shit together. Now this tired momma is getting back to bed. School and work come early. Sleep well all.

Brightest Blessings

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