Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thankful Thirty

I am so thankful I became a single mom. I left a very toxic environment and set out to rebuild my life. I set out to become the best version of myself. This road hasn't been easy nor perfect but everyday I strive to do better than yesterday. I constantly do more for others than has been done for me. I have days where I just want to cry and I have days where I feel like the strongest woman alive. It took awhile but I rebuilt my life. I got myself back on track. I achieved Manager and in 6-12 months I'll achieve General Manager. I know this life isn't easy and I know that sometimes it is going to break me but as long as I always remember who is watching I know I'll stay strong.

I am so thankful I never gave Ally away. I can't imagine being a parent that willingly gives up her child. Ally is bestfriend and daughter. She knows how to make momma smile and how to keep me strong. I would rather her see me work hard and appreciate it than see mom constantly putting her to bed and not taking care of the house. I love you Ally Marie. Today I am thankful for my struggle and where it has me today.


  1. You should be very proud of your self, you have worked hard for everything you have and you are doing a great job. And it is ok to have a bad day every now and again but you should be proud of yourself even on the bad days. :)


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