Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thankful Thirty

Today I am thankful that I found the maturity to realize that not every situation requires a reaction. I learning everyday that sometimes it is best if I take my exit and move forward, I am learning that some people don't change despite the many many chances you gives them. It is often the hardest task to cut people out of your life but sometimes it can be the most freeing.

The final steps in fully moving on are to cut the cords that tie you to others. Where is the maturity in making sure that all know your business? By pulling back and only sharing what I want to share I have made it so if any backlash happens, I am solely responsible.

In this community we are supposed to build and support each other, not constantly try to win a game of cat and mouse. How are people any better for lashing out? We all have our own struggles we are going through and just because one's struggles are more manageable than others, doesn't make them any better.

We choose what blogs we follow. We choose what people we befriend on social media. WE choose what WE read. There is absolutely no reason to get offended at what you read when you chose to read it. I am guilty of this myself and I am learning that by feeding into the posts I am only setting myself up to move backwards, not forwards.

In a month where the main focus is thankfulness and remembering our blessings, we are still so filled with hate. The kicker is that we often believe what others say instead of hearing it from the horse's mouth.

I am beyond blessed because I have a loving daughter, a man that supports me in all I do, a career that is taking me places, and the future is wide open. I am free to decide where my next chapter takes me. I don't feel like the weight of the world is dragging me down because I feed into other's drama. I am not perfect and I have days where I lash out but I am learning to breathe and really think about whether or that situation deserves a reaction from me.


  1. You've been doing so good girl. You're moving forward in a positive direction with your life. Never look back:)


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