Sunday, December 4, 2016

Absolute Perfection

Last night was absolute perfection. I love the safety and at home feel I have when I'm with R. He was running late and Ally called it a night early. When he came over he woke up Ally and she was beyond thrilled to see her Daddy. She told Daddy all about school and how excited she was for California. He made her take some medicine and a breathing treatment then brushed her hair into a ponytail.

He fixed a snack of cucumbers for Ally and himself. We curled up and watched one of my favorite movies, John Wick. It was so cute listening to Ally ask R questions about the movie. After our snack it was cuddles with Daddy. The sigh of contentment made my night. R said he loved having his girls with him. Ally curled up on one side and me on the other. I dozed off but he stayed up with Ally.

Once the movie was over R put Ally to bed and then we headed to bed ourselves. He couldn't sleep so he played on my phone while I curled up in his arms. He let me sleep on him until he started hurting so I rubbed his back.

Sometimes the best place is in silence of being in your partner's arms. There's no outside commotion. It's just the two of you. I feel at home with him and it makes me even more excited to move soon. I can't wait for him to meet my parents and for us to finalize everything this week.

I am going to miss my family terribly but this truly is the best for our family. We are closing one very long overdue chapter and starting a fresh chapter. I can't wait for our lives to take it. It is time Ally found a real father and I a real husband. Here's to the future.


  1. Very happy for you! I hope all your dreams come true! <3

  2. So glad things are going well.


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