Sunday, December 25, 2016


There has been a lot happening at work this last week. I brought it on myself but it still wasn't easy to deal with nonetheless. R came into town for a few hours on Friday. He had planned to be in earlier but there was a 16 hour flight delay. I still managed to get a few hours with him and it meant the world to me.

We had dinner, jammed out n the car, he met my mother, and we were able to talk. I cannot brag enough about this man. I am seriously blessed to have him in my life. He truly is my rock and always knows just what I need. It was nice to get dressed up and just get a night out of the house.

I hate that we are missing Christmas with him but as I told him, we have many years ahead of us. We only have a month until we make our move to California and I seriously can't wait.

He's doing a charity drive for Toys For Tots today and I know he is bummed to have to race instead of being with the family but we are staying strong for him.

We made Christmas happen and Ally made out like a bandit. She got everything she asked for and more. She is still under the weather but she is definitely getting better.

We celebrated Christmas with my family last night. It was so much fun. Rum & Coke and Cards Against Humanity with the family. I hope each of you have had a great Christmas. For now, I'm off to take a small nap while Ally is at her sleepover. I am so grateful that I am able to work so hard to give Ally such an awesome Christmas.

I'll definitely post pictures on my next day off. Brightest Blessings Lovelies!

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