Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fantastic Day

Today has been awesome. My friend Obadiah (Obi) came over to hang out and although fatigue won for me, he spent the day on a movie binge with Ally. The house is looking much better and all that is left is laundry to catch up. My second least favorite chore. Dishes being the first.

Ally is tuckered out and fell asleep curled against me. Once my medical comes in there are few things R has asked me to look into and one being the extreme exhaustion. For instance, I've slept the majority of the day and I still feel like I could sleep some more.

Since I've made R and Ally my key focus I have felt much better. I am getting business taken care of in my own way. After reading, I realize that some people are so miserable with their own lives they have to take it out on others with name calling, belitting, and pretending that they have their own life together. I hope they reach the point of bliss I have and can be truly happy someday instead of wallowing in their sadness.

I made a good dent in my Christmas shopping over the weekend and was able to help my brother get his shopping list completed. Next weekend will complete my shopping and we'll be on track financially. Right now we are working out the final kinks on moving. We are both really excited and have come to realize how much we lean on each other. Everyday with him I feel more and more blessed because he always comes through and he cares how we are doing and how we are feeling.

For now though I am off to watch a little TV before heading back to bed. I have a busy morning with getting Ally off to school. I hope everyone has a blessed evening.

Brightest Blessings lovelies.

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