Friday, December 30, 2016

Heading Into The New Year

I am posting this early because I have long shifts ahead throughout the weekend. 2016 was all about commitment. I didn't do so well in my commitment to lose the weight but I did achieve self-confidence. I did achieve finding myself and realizing my worth. 2016 for me was very bittersweet. I moved into my own place, was promoted to manager, and found R. It was also a hard year in that I shared my home with my ex and his baby mama and their son. It was a hard year with depression. It was a good year because Ally started school. She made new friends and has molded into my beautiful little girl. She is changing every day. If it weren't for R showing me that I needed to stop being there for others I would have never had the strength to kick Brit to the curb.

2016 has also seen some major celebrity deaths. For me some of these pushed me to depression. No I didn't know them personally but as a friend of mine said it puts into realization that life isn't forever. This generation that is passing away is very to close to my own my grandmother in age. It is a harsh reality to face.

As we head into 2017 I have chosen Rebirth as my word for 2017. I plan to move to Cali, get the divorce settled, and move on to our future. I have really needed this change and while the road towards the change hasn't been easy it will definitely be rewarding. So here's to 2017. May it prosper for you and give you what you deserve. Happy New Years everyone.


  1. Happy New Year Felicia!! I hope you get all the love and happiness you deserve!


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