Monday, January 2, 2017

A Rant

Warning: This post is absolutely me venting. It is absolutely me putting my nose where it very much doesn't belong. It is about selfish people. It is about a woman with a huge heart that ass wipes take advantage of. It is about a man who is lost but yet two women keep fighting over him like he's man of the year. 

You were warned. This is the only post I am making about this.

Also, I don't want to hear your dramatic comments about how I'm wrong. And it's none of my business. Beauty of it being MY blog. I can post what I please.

After reading around on the drama that happened yesterday I realize I am truly blessed and it was really the right decision to remove myself from all of the drama. I have blocked all contacts with Jr, Brit, and Kris for my own sanity. I realized by continuing to follow these two, it only creates self-doubt and hurts me in the long run. These two women continue to fight over a man who isn't even happy for himself. He just needs a security blanket so he doesn't end up alone. It it absolutely the worst thing you can do is to use the kids as leverage. The only reason why Ally hasn't her grandparents or uncles is because I'm not driving and Jr isn't using his visitation while he still has it.

Other than that, they would see Ally on a regular basis but the hour distance makes it hard for us to visit each other especially with my mother in-law having a demanding work schedule just like me. 

I talked to R last night about a post that Brit had made. He made a valid point. We're in the final stretch of making Cali happen. Brit's life isn't even an ounce together and just because I ran into a rut doesn't mean I failed. My biggest flaw I panic at the first sign of trouble instead of breathing through and looking for a solution.

I could be wrong but I don't think I've ever threatened my MIL with taking her grandchild away from her. If I have ever threatened her with this I feel ashamed for it. These two women fail to realize why she is nervous to get close to her kids when the reason is right in front of their faces:

Every time you aren't Jr's piece of the month you threaten her with taking away her grandkids.

For instance, Brit was in a terrible situation so MIL did what anyone with a heart would have done and took her in. Kris then decided MIL didn't need to see or know Charlie let alone be around Izzy anymore.

It is a continiuous vicious cycle and the only reason MIL puts up with it is because of the FOUR kids by Jr. This is where immaturity comes in. You both call yourselves mothers but can't put aside your bullshit long enough to give these kids the support system they both deserve. Not every kid is lucky enough to have grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends. You should want the best for your kids but threatening to commit suicide or screaming or being a snob just because he picked someone else is ridiculous.

For four years he cheated on me. His then wife. If he was willing to break the vow of matrimony and cheat on somebody he had willingly chosen to spend his life with what makes you think you both are any different? You both were the products of the affairs. The other woman never walks away happy. No matter how much you let Jr ("Daddy") use, tattoo, walk all over your body. Kris is a damn idiot because the only reason Jr is getting in on her good side is because she's fixing to be a walking piggy bank.

You both could do so much more with your life. Jr has put you both through hell yet your goals in 2017 aren't to provide for your kids, no it's to be selfish and fight to put them back in good with misery.

This is exactly why I broke free and exactly why Ally won't be around Jr. Yes, I asked him to sign off his right. He has willingly agreed. Before that talk ever happened he was able to continue to see Ally for visitation. He hasn't bothered since the first weekend in October. That should say everything you need to.

A man needs to be happy with himself before he can provide for others in a relationship. Some people are toxic. Quit dragging the one woman who is just trying to salvage her sanity for the kids into all of this and stay in your damn lane.


  1. This is not to start a fight, i just want you to have the facts on my part of this post. Come income tax im taking myself and my girls out of my parents apartment and making a big move. This will be with or without jr. I am not basing my decisions on him nor am i going to let him take my paychecks leading up to the move. I have bills, necessities to buy, bellas party to plan, maintenance on my car, and the rest to be saved for the move. I offered him a fresh start, he has up until the day of the move to make up his mind. So please before assuming and making a post, ask me first. I am 100% putting my girls first. So i would appreciate it if you stopped painting a bad picture of me to your followers

    1. I'm not painting a bad picture at all. I have no reason to associate with you. I made it very clear of that fact after you decided it was necessary to remove me from the kids life. Ally doesn't know she has a second sister and she won't know. She doesn't need to associate with you or Brit. Both of you have been selfish when it came to the children. Just like you ripped those babies from mom and now you're allowing her to be around them. How long until she rubs you wrong again? You'll always be the selfish one hung up on Jr. He shows time and time again that he doesn't want you yet you crawl back. But that's not my business. I'm out of the shit and on my way to be with someone who actually cares about his family. Within the month Jr will sign off his rights and Ally and I Will be free of all three of y'alls shit.

  2. Kids should never be the pawns in adult drama. I see it on a daily basis with my fiance and his manipulative ex-wife, and it makes me sick. What does a grown woman think she gains by jerking over a child?

    1. I have no clue but it really sucks that this keeps happening all because the mothers have no maturity.

  3. I never understood what T was such a favored target. She has had no leverage over Jr. since he turned 13. The poor woman is just trying to survive and they think taking the kids away from her is going to change him? I just wish she and Joe could flee and escape Jr's world.

  4. I'm so sorry the kids are the middle of all this. I hope everything works out. Sounds like you're doing the best you can do and that's about all you can do. Hang in there.


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