Monday, January 23, 2017


This is me today. After another 14 hour day. Look at me with old lady bags. I seriously can't wait until I wake up and get to hang out with three kiddos all day. I guess I can leak my news here, I'm not announcing it on Facebook just yet but we are for sure taking the leap and moving to California. This will definitely be another adventure for us and I can't wait for it. We have a busy few months ahead but tonight I've decided fuck cleaning my extremely lived in house and have a girl's night instead. So bring on the nail polish, face masks, sandwhiches, and girl time. Life seriously couldn't be better. I am so proud of R and all that is he is doing for our family. We are planning the wedding in April or May.

Here's to seeing how long sleep deprived momma can hold out. Hoping to get some stitching in tonight. My princess definitely deserves a gal night.

Oh! I'm getting a New tattoo on Wednesday.😉


  1. haha I love that quote at the end!! That is me too :) Hope you gals had fun and you are beautiful even after a 14 hour shift <3

  2. We 'll deserved girls night, hope you had fun. Looking forward to all the wedding news.


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