Monday, January 23, 2017


Today has been an extremely long day and I'm grateful to finally be able to rest after going all day. Pete's Dragon was a really good movie and I think it's one we'll add to our collection.

Getting my social was quick, in and out in ten minutes. I was actually really impressed with how fast we were out of there. From there I had to go grocery shopping, stop by the bank, and a few other errands.

I'm starting to pack and within the next few weeks the divorce will be filed. Within the next couple of months we'll be saying goodbye to Texas and off to our new beginning with R.

I am incredibly thankful for R because he has shown me what a true man is about. He works his ass off for his family most times in severe pain. He reassures me of his love for Ally and I daily.

He pushes me to be my best self and let my insecurities rest. We both can't wait until were together and starting out family. This is everything I've ever wanted and more.

For now it's time to get another movie on and see about a super early bedtime. I'm really thankful I've dropped certain people out of my life. It has really helped me find my confidence without others knocking me down.


  1. We haven't seen Pete's Dragon, I will have to add it to the watch list :) Hope you got to bed early!


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