Friday, January 13, 2017

Closure & Moving Forward

Today is the first time I haven't spent the day in the tears. Joey and I would have been celebrating five years of marriage today. On Wednesday he actually took time to hear me out. I've been fighting moving on for awhile now and I've been looking for every reason to hold on hope despite our marriage being over for two years now officially, realistically three years. I fought our ending for so long even though it was clearly over when the affair started shortly after our marriage.

I'm not bitter anymore because Ive seen karma on her full glory hurt both women who had no problem tearing my life in half. Even in front of my daughter.

It's strange how the very person that destroyed you can also be the person that puts you back together as well. As R and I finalize our move my biggest fear is failing him.

I'm only 24 heading into my second marriage and the last thing I want is two divorces under my belt before I'm 30. But R is very much right in the sense that he is not Joey and has done nothing to be treated as such.

Here in the next few weeks the plans to finalize the divorce and get Joey to sign off his rights will be in motion. Ally and I both will be free to move on and fully embrace our happiness.

As of right now today is just another day. It's no longer a day I'll remember or treasure. I have full closure now and it's something I've needed for awhile.

The two women will never know the part they played in destroying my marriage but I thank them because I'm stronger for it. I've spent 2 years rebuilding my life and now I'm ready for the next chapter.


  1. I wish you all the best in this next chapter sweetie. I wish you and R happiness. Just take things one day at a time that is all any of us can do.

  2. Like all great stories, you have to go through the dark chapters to get to the brighter, happier ones. I wish you all the best.

  3. I think everything happens for a reason. This hard chapter in your life had to happen and I think maybe it did so that you could find R and appreciate him for the good guy he is, after how you were treated before. It sucks that you spent so many years of your life in that situation but look at the beautiful little girl that you got because of it. You two were meant to be together xo


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