Saturday, January 7, 2017


I'm not sure where my headspace is lately. I hate these feelings I have had lately and I know that part of it is January will forever put me in a funk. Sometimes I wonder if others realize the pain they inflict.

My body has been in excruciating pain in the few weeks. I'm near tears daily with my back pain worsening.

This is Ally's last day of freedom before school resumes and she is spending it with my grandma today. I'll be spending it in bed trying to catch some sleep.

I wish there was someone I could talk to that would understand an ounce of what I'm feeling. Somebody that would guide in the right direction and help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I just feel lost.


  1. Yes the winter blues do not help at all. Things do get hard but you are a strong lady try to keep your chin up and your eye on the prize. Ally and R need you. Hugs

  2. My MIL suffers from seasonal depression as well. She has to go to bed because of the pain. Once you get to California you might want to research a certain light that helps with this. You sit in front of it for an hour a day and it helps with the pain. Don't know how or why but it does help.

  3. by the way I checked the internet, they range from 40 to 100. Walmart (I'm sure its carries them.:)

  4. Oh I wish I had all the words to help you with this. Just know you are a beautiful, hardworking momma with a gorgeous little girl who thinks you are the world. Life might be rough right now but it will get better. XO, just do what you can do.

  5. Look into getting a salt lamp. Ive heard good things about them and plan on trying one myself soon.


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