Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Don't Understand

I will never understand how Joey finds a way to undermine the system. I now can't file my taxes because you can't file for legal separation in Texas so I've filed without Joey anywhere near it for the last two years.

Joey found his way out of paying nearly 3 grand in back pay. He's claiming Brit and her son. A son that Joey has no rights to because she won't put him on the birth certificate.

So instead of taking of the three children that are his he is more worried about his piece of the month.

The hardest part is the fact that Kris is trying to building a future for him all to end up screwed and alone with two kids. If he loved her then he wouldn't be claiming Brit and Damian as his dependents.

So me who has worked my ass off. Has taken care of Ally as a single mother. Has gone without days off is now unable to file taxes and Joey gets off not paying his back pay.

Our legal system is great, isn't it?


  1. That's some real shit. I'm sorry.
    I'm giving him an out so he can get away from her but I've made it perfectly clear that once we're gone, it's his last chance. No more fuck ups. I have a job in place for when i get there, I have some friends, so i have support if he's screws up again. But I just wanna give him one more chance to be better for Bella CJ and ally. At least all of this will be over for you soon and you can move on with R and ally in Cali.

    1. Thanks to Joey everything is up in the air. The security we had for California is now in the air. Ally's birthday is on hold. It's all a damn wreck.

  2. I'm so sorry:/ I really don't understand him sometimes

  3. That's not fair. I hope you are able to get things figured out!

  4. Don't get me started on our crappy legal system! I have seen my fiance's ex use it and abuse it to get her way and hurt the kids in the process so many times. It's disgusting that he is still interfering with your happiness by doing this. I hope it gets sorted out, somehow, in your favor.

  5. why did you take down the pictures of him? It was nice to see those.(biker photos)

  6. She mentioned something before about PR and not being able to post pics in case he dropped a sponsor. Maybe that?

  7. WOW! That totally sucks! I would be trying to fight that somehow. Can't you report him?


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