Monday, January 23, 2017


Once again I go out of my way to help someone just for them to have the nerve to steal from me. I paid for gas for what errands I needed ran today. I left my debit card in your truck by mistake, not on purpose. This was not an invitation to help yourself. I paid 35 for gas because I knew your tank is a gas guzzler. I then saw that you needed your haircut and facial hair taken care of so I stupidly spent another 15 on you. Then you have the nerve to help yourself to my money and stand in my living room and lie to me? You stole 20 dollars for me. I seriously hope you and Brittany benefit from the money you stole. Its really going to suck when you absolutely need help and not a damn person is around for it.

What pisses me off even is more that they're both lazy as fuck. Both get to sit on their asses and do nothing. 20 dollars for me is just under 2 hours of work. Every dollar counts. Every dollar is spent. I budget out my checks so my bills are taken care of and so if there a splurge I'm wanting I can afford it. I clocked out with 56 hours this week. I'm exhausted. I've barely been home to do anything let alone spend time with Ally.

It just goes to show what kind of people of they are and I hope they relish in the fact that they stole from someone who almost always helped out with gas or whatever they need. They need to understand they have life fucked up if they think stealing from me is ever fucking okay.


  1. That is terrible! I hope you get your money back :(

  2. Can you dispute the $20 transaction with your bank, or hell, report it to the police as using a stolen card?


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