Sunday, January 15, 2017


I'm really thankful that there are moments where Joey and I can be friends. My washer seems to be crapping out and thankfully he was able to spare some time today and come look at it. Its an older washer though so I might be out of luck.

Afterwards he was sweet enough to run Ally and I to the grocery store and let me get us a few groceries. Ally enjoyed getting some time in with him and he seemed to enjoy the break from the house.

He even spared some change for a homeless gentlemen. Overall it was a decent visit and I'm glad he doesn't mind being my go to from time to time.

Since the weather seems to be kicking Ally's butt I think I'll join her for a nap. The last few days have been rough but hopefully it'll start getting better.


  1. I am glad that he is there for you when you need him. I hope your washer lasts you awhile longer!! Life is no fun without a washer!

  2. Hope you two are feeling better.


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