Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Year Ahead

1. Sunset-Lessons From your previous year (Ma'at, Justice): I learned that sometimes you have to see things for how they are, not what you want them to be. Truth can be bitter but often necessary.

2. Horizon- What you can expect in the next year (The Weaver): I need to have full faith in R and I and stop basing him on my past. I won't have a successful future if I keep dwelling in past wounds.

3. Obstactle- A challenge you'll face this year (The Pilgrim): This was an interesting draw for me and very spot on. The Pilgrim focuses on positivity and for me that's an Obstactle because I'm as negative a it gets. I don't like getting my hopes and getting hurt.

4. Strength- How To Harness You're Inner Energy (Eight of spirals): I need to pay attention to my dreams and thoughts. Believe that gut feeling.

5. Advice- lessons you learned last year (Ravens): Last year was about new beginnings but learned that you can't move forward if you keep stepping back and reopening old wounds. It is often the strongest move to walk away sometimes.

6. Navigation- Guidance for the year ahead (Seven of stones): No regrets. Make every choice with confidence.

7. Clarity- Your personal theme for the year (Three of scrolls): Let go old wounds. Embrace the future. Remain positive.


  1. A great insight to your new year. Be sure to refer back to this as the year goes on.


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