Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Petty?

I have stayed in my place and minded my own business but it is getting on my nerves and I feel pressed to speak out. Read at your own risk.

Firstly, how petty are you? You are supposed to be a mother and supposed submissive yet it's the bitch this, desperate this, retarded ass, etc... Where is your damn maturity?

We get it sweetheart, you took someone's sloppy seconds and you're proud that you broke up an already broken family and then another family unit.

Joey hasn't been with anyone but you? Someone better hold my eyes before they roll right off. We all know he's screwed around on you. You're small size just makes you that much more transparent.

Stop acting like you've won so much when you really haven't. If you're taking him to this great miracle of a life then all the better but have some damn respect and stop the name calling.

I guarantee if somebody is sending nudes it's not out of desperation its because they were asked to.

You really think you can change him?

You can't someone who doesn't see an issue in their actions. Until he finds himself and who he wants to be, he'll always be the same emotionally abusive, manipulative, arrogant person he's always been. Keep believing you're the only one.

I am so thankful that in a few weeks I'll be away from all of this and on to a better life. People are ridiculous and a serious reality check is in order.


  1. Im honestly glad at this point that i cant read her shit. Hes doing the one thing she doesnt want him to do and after everything that hes told me has happened just in the last two days, honestly i dont understand what makes her think hes staying. Preach it girl. You took the words straight out of my mouth. Just know you're doing right by yourself and ally and you're making a better future for yall.

  2. Not to mention she even screwed around on him in that house where they are staying now. And she honestly expects him to be faithful especially after that? Me and you were blind. But she is just straight up delusional and pathetic.

  3. And of course she doesn't have the balls to say anything to me about it, though I've made myself perfectly clear


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