Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This couldn't be more true. I was able to get off work early and get some needed rest today. I definitely needed it jrczude I'm feel much much better today. Instead of overwhelming myself with this move, I'm tackling one room at a time. So far I'm wrapping up the kitchen. This includes all dishes being caught up, the fridge and cabinets being decluttered. I'm taking a small break while the tea finishes brewing. I've realised that my sanctuary after a long day isn't a sanctuary at all. I've let depression overwhelm and grasp me. I'm saying enough is enough and taking control.

We have just over two months until Cali. There's plenty to keep me busy over those two months. I have a birthday party to plan, an apartment to go through, and giving notice to Whataburger.

I'm considering stepping down for my last month with Whataburger because I need not to stress over my job.

I've also started throwing and donating the last of the crap from Brit and Jr's stay here. Tomorrow once all of the clutter is out I'll be cleansing the apartment and getting rid of the negative energy.

I'm hoping this inspires my stitching bug to make a triumphant return. I cannot wait to get this divorce done and begin our roadtrip to California.

Life is bliss and even though I stumble, I don't let life knock me completely on my ass. I have too much to be thankful for.


  1. Hope that clearing their shit out will clear up everything and bring it back. Ive enjoyed having my stitch bug back

  2. These 2 months will fly by I am sure!! Such an exciting time for you and you are a better woman than me to still be hanging onto their stuff. I would have had a bonfire ages ago :) And I hope to see some more stitching soon!!

  3. I really enjoyed my year of decluttering in 2016. It opens up room for more positive things.


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