Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It absolutely blows my mind the sheer stupidity of some people. My ex husband has wanted to be a truck driver for a long time. He's wanted to do OTR for the solidarity and for the fact that he is solely respsonsible for himself and the product he is hauling.

He also likes the pay involved as well. It's good pay and worth the risk. I know first hand the danger involved as my dad was a truck driver for a long time. He had a severe accident, was held at fault even though it wasn't it and now has severe back problems due to it.

Jr choosing this career and my support isn't selfish. He realizes he has FOUR kids. Four children he needs to support. I feel like someone chooses to believe he only has one. You can play jealous all you want but until the kids are 18 you are stuck with us.

I also feel like it should come to realization that once he's OTR he doesn't plan to have a ball and chain. I think part of his decision is everyone is moving forward and on with their lives.

One is running to Colorado and the other to Ohio. If there is true love there you wouldn't judge his decision to better himself and move forward to be a better parent to the kids.

We've all made mistakes but at the end of the day our lives are intertwined and the sooner some would come to that realization the less bitterness there would be.

If I'm selfish for supporting the decision he made that you refused to support then I am as selfish as it gets because its about time he figured out what has made him happy and stick to it.


  1. Colorado fell through for some hilarious yet stupid reason, but he has always had my full support as well with this decision. I've told him that whatever job makes him happy, I'm happy to support it. The fact that she makes it difficult for him to see his kids pisses me off more than anything. But after sunday it all will change. She doesn't want any part of it so i say good riddance.

    1. Apparently she's in for the long haul all of the sudden. And yeah it sucks he doesn't have his truck and she's being difficult.

  2. Once i pick him up sunday, he's washing his hands of her. After all the bs she's done he knows what's important.

  3. He has wanted to do this for a long time OTR

  4. When I was little, I told my parents a million times I want to be a truck driver :) Best of luck to him.


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