Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It absolutely amazes me how you can pitch such a fit about not being invited to an event and then your daughter invites you to her graduation from Head Start two weeks in advanced. You said you couldn't make it because I didn't give you enough time to request off. Now your girlfriend posts that you have three days off. So screw your kiddo? I don't understand the half ass effort. It absolutely amazes me how you can pin your family against me yet you were given an opportunity and you choose to be with your so called family. Real parenting right there. This is why I'm cutting everyone off. Ally deserves her family there for her and I'm glad her biggest supporters will be there tomorrow cheering her on.


  1. 😑 i swear. 25 years old and no more grown up than any child you run in to.

  2. That's not fair to you or Ally. You can't complain about not being invited when you don't show up when you are. Hugs to you guys!


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